Registration  - NTF Summer Track Season 2018

Please choose one of the ways to register below (do not duplicate!). If you have any questions or  difficulties with registration, please forward them to club's registration officer.

link to online form and payment
Please follow steps below


1. NTF Registration Form:

Fill out the Athlete Registration Form (link above), and parent/guardian must sign the waiver.

This form is necessary to attend the practice and participate in any club activities.

2. Registration fees for Summer 2018:

$70 - per athlete per season

$50 - sibling (2nd, 3rd etc. athlete in the same family)

$35 - sub-bantam group (born 2010-2011 - practice Tue and Thu)  

Please make checks payable to Nittany Track & Field.

3. Obtain USATF Membership

All athletes joining NTF programs must have a USATF membership due to our insurance policy. Please go to USATF wesbite to purchase athlete membership ($20 per year). When asked, input our club code 147 to make sure you are affiliated with NTF. Print out the receipt for your records and put the obtained USATF number on athlete's registration form.

Note: The USATF membership is good for the whole calendar year and can be further used for participation in the NTF fall cross country program.

4. Mail your registration to:

Nittany Track and Field
c/o Tony Kwasnica

881 Teaberry Lane, 

State College, PA 16803

Please submit your registration  before May 10th, 2018 to guarantee a shirt. 

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