The Nittany Track & Field (NTF), a 501(c) (03) non-profit athletic club for boys and girls ages 7-18, was organized in the State College, PA, by John Schmidt in Spring 2005. The Club is currently affiliated with the Mid-Atlantic USATF and presents a unique training program for the local youth. The Club's main objective is to foster a positive, fun, and supportive atmosphere for training and athletic growth. The Club coaches offer instruction that is suited to all levels of ability and experience, making NTF probably the best place to try track events before joining highly competitive school programs.  In addition to competitive goals, promoting an active lifestyle and social involvement in sports among young people stands as Club's main priority.

During track season, athletes step by step learn the basics of track and field, techniques, and racing strategies. A typical daily routine includes stretching, agility drills, a  workout, cool-down, and games. The basic workouts are aimed at the development of proper running form, endurance, strength, and speed. Later in the season, athletes can choose between different training groups to practice specific events. The typical specializations include: long and middle distance, sprints, hurdles, long and triple jumps, and throwing.  Switching between the groups allows the kids to try different routines and to choose the events they like most. Each practice takes about one and half hour.  Within a regular club practice, the athletes practice in the following age groups: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 and older. Experienced coaches and volunteers are assigned to lead different groups at  every practice. 


The Club has two sessions each year: Summer Track & Field (May-July) and Fall Cross Country (August-November). Within every session, athletes go through a well-structured training schedule and have an opportunity to compete in their age divisions at local (all-comers) and regional USATF or AAU sanctioned meets. Although encouraged, attendance of every single practice is not mandatory, and participation in meets is voluntary.

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