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Run your favorite track distance:

200 m, 400 m, 800 m, or 1600 m

@ Toftrees Bike Trail

"Toftrees Trail" (official name: Bellefonte Central Rail Trail) - flat, gravel-paved biking and running route - has been wheel-measured and marked for several standard track distances: 200, 400, 800, and 1600 m. The trail is ideal for track type workouts and timed runs (you can even wear spikes on it), as it is one of few relatively flat routes in State College. You can get to the head of the trail walking down the bike path from the Sunset Park or coming from the Clinton Ave off Northland Center (see map). The starting point for all distances is shown with the red arrow.


  • Starting line: at the head of the trail (@ three yellow posts).
  • Distance markings - 200, 400, 800, and 1600 - are made with little white anchors with numbers on them, and white bricks placed on the right-hand side of the trail.

  • Choose your distance, jog through it and find your finish line. You can place an additional object there to make it more visible.
  • Make sure to lead yourself through a proper warmup and drills before doing your trial. Do a few quick striders to make sure your legs are ready.
  • Run your distance at a hard effort and record your time.
  • For timing consistency, start at the yellow poles and finish at your distance marker.
  • Jog back for cool-down and recovery.
If you do repeated trials, feel free to add more entries.

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IMPORTANT: While our county is in "green" status, please exercise social distancing and common sense when you are out there running! At any time during your workouts, keep safe distance from people you encounter.

Any questions?  Please contact NTF Club at ntfxc.club@gmail.com

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