NTF Team at the Hershey's T&F District Meet at ELCO School (left to right):
Tim Pavlov, Jon Cather, Will Cather, Luke Charles, Jake Hall, Natasha Fedkina, Owen Wing, Grace Tothero, unknown, Mikayla Kieffer
Not pictured: Matthy Suchanec, Ivan Pavlov

Matty Suchanec at the 800 m start (Hershey's T&F District)

Ivan Pavlov cruises through the first lap in 800 m (Hershey's T&F District)

Grace Tothero at the 50 m dash start (Hershey's T&F District)

Anne Balogh in 3000 m race (USATF meet, Pottstown)

Will Cather in 1600 m race (Hershey's T&F, PA State Championship)

Natasha Fedkina and Matthew Balogh in 800 m race (USATF Mid-Atlantic Championship, Philadelphia)

Anne Balogh competes in triple jump (USATF Mid-Atlantic Championship, Philadelphia)

Photos courtesy: Mark Fedkin and John Balogh

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