NTF Inter-Squad Meet - July 17, 2008

Kobie Gibson, Eric Suchanec, Brave Heart Sanchez, and Eric Weiss in 100 m battle

Emily Smith flies over the track

Distance guys blast the hurdles

Sarah Marchione verifies her steps in the long jump

Matty Suchanec makes his next jump

Laura Holleran, Morgan Costello, Elise Warfield, Sarah Marchione, and Sophie Randall compete in 100 m sprint

Steven Ellis, Kobie Gibson, Eric Weiss, Brave Heart Sanchez, Adam Warfield, and Eric Suchanec compete in 100 m sprint

Coach Brian Rutter sets the height for the high jump competition

John "Grill Man" Schmidt

Highlight of the last day of the season: track cake by Sarah Marchione and Elise Warfield

Photos courtesy: Katya Bazilevskaya and Galina Pavlova

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