NTF Cross Country Team -- Fall 2012 

 NTF Cross Country Team - Fall  2012



  Group: 8 years old and younger (left to right): Isaac, Marcos, Ava, Alison, Madeline, Kiera, Finn  



  Group: 9-10 years old: (kneeling): Priya, Sarah, Ava, Bayla  / (standing): Alex, P.J., Luke, Erik, Matthew, Spensere, Thaddaeus 



   Group: 11-12 years old: (1 row): Amber, Emma, Alison, Katie, Bella, Andrew, James, Jakob, Riley, Owen/ (2 row): Liana, Nick, Julia, Claudia, Hayden, Lance, Harry, Sebastian, Ethan 



  Group: 13 years and older (lying down): Grace, Gretchen, Catherine / (standing): Sean, Summer, Rosa, Taylor, Lauern, Julia, Stephen, Erika, Brooke    

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