NTF Cross Country Team -- Fall 2011   

 NTF Cross Country Team - Practice October 11, 2011



  Group: 8 years old and younger (left to right): Jodie, Spenser, Kiera, Riley, Grace, Mia, Luke, Kate, and Oscar  



  Group: 9-10 years old: (sitting): Abby, Jodie, Elly, Amber, Katie, Emma / (standing): Nick, Steven, Nathaniel, P.J., Erik, Connor, Stan (Harry), Sebastian  



   Group: 11-12 years old: (sitting): Gretchen, Grace, Claudia, Bella, Julia, Summer / (standing): Luke, Nate, Hayden, Thomas, Mitchell, James  



  Group: 13 years and older (left to right): Natasha, Cecilia, Mariel, Brooke, Paul, Josh, Peter, Daniel, Tim, Nigel   

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