NTF logo    Virtual 4k for July 4th 

Race 4k  as part of your Independence Day celebration!

@ Toftrees Bike Trail

Toftrees Trail 4k is flat out-and-back course starting at the head of the trail (marked with three yellow poles) at the bike path connecting the Sunset Park and Clinton Ave. The course goes out to the turn-around at 2k mark and and traces back to the start. It is simple and quick! The turnaround (marked with an chalk arrow and cone on a side) is at the place where paved walkway branches off the trail to the View apartment complex.

Have fun racing it!



    IMPORTANT: While our county is in "green" status, please exercise social distancing and common sense when you are out there running! At any time during your workouts, keep safe distance from people you encounter.

    Any questions?  Please contact NTF Club at ntfxc.club@gmail.com

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