NTF High School Community Service Program
High school students: earn your community service hours this summer helping kids love your favorite sport!

NTF club’s main objective is to foster a positive, fun and supportive atmosphere for kids to develop athletic skills and personal growth through the sports of track and field and cross-country. Our Coaches work with kids of all ability levels providing instruction in a number of events, including sprints, distance, hurdles, jumps, and throws. With high enrollment numbers, we welcome involvement of current high school track and field athletes, who have an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with younger atheletes and get coaching experience! 

The club offers opportunities for high school students to earn Community Service credit by assisting the lead NTF coaches during club practices and meets. The NTF Community Service program is open to all students. Those considering future study in elementary and secondary education, kinesiology / physical education and athletic coaching, among other fields, will find the NTF program particularly useful for gaining applied experience while making an immediate, positive contribution to our training community. The NTF program offers flexible scheduling commitments.

Visit www.ntfxc.com or contact Mark Fedkin at ntfxc.club@gmail.com with any questions.